Collection: Guided Journals | Self-Care | Self- Improvement

Find a variety of guided journals to add to your self-care and self-love routines. These journals include prompts to help you consider where you are at in life, what you may need in your life, how things can improve, and what habits you may want to start or end. Many of the journals were created in collaboration with therapists and with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques in mind.


 Unlock personal reflection through thought-provoking prompts that consider your life status, what you need, how you can progress, and the habits you'd like to start or stop. 


Ready to level-up your self-care? Embrace your self-care and self- love with the help of guided journals. Our selection of guided journals is just what you need!  Take the time with one of these journals to reflect on where you're at in life, your needs, how you can make positive changes, and which habits need to leave or be developed. Whether you want to reflect on your current life situation, determine your needs, make positive changes, create goals or modify your habits, these specially designed journals, made in collaboration with therapists and incorporating CBT techniques, can help. Empower yourself to reach new heights! Plus, all journals have been created with therapists and use CBT methods for maximum impact!