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About Us Edith Chloe Self Care Shop Lafayette, Indiana Store : This women's clothing store, boutique, and gift store is located at 1605 Kossuth Street in Lafayette, Indiana. We serve Lafayette, West Lafayette, Purdue University and anyone else interested in shopping a cute bohemian boutique! We are open Thursday & Friday 5:30PM-7:00 PM and Saturdays 12PM-3PM. You can also find us at many local street festivals during the summer like Mosey Down Main Street, Summer on The Square, and Brookston Apple Popcorn Festival. 

Who Is Edith Chloe? 

You may be wondering where the name of the store came from...I am not Edith, my name is Chelsea! Edith Chloe was my grandma, Edith Chloe Self Care Shop was born as a way to pursue my passion for self-care and sharing it with others and keep grandma's fiesty spirit and memory alive.

In 2022 I was in the early stages of planning a boutique, and a business that could be all mine, but I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to put it all together and make something that felt legendary and worth the time. Grandma Edith passed away in February and just a few days after her passing the whole plan for Edith Chloe Self Care Shop came to my mind with her being the matriarch over all of it, I just knew she was whispering it to me. Fitting, as Edith loved to proudly proclaim her position as the family matriarch.

Edith loved family, bargain shopping, tending to her flowers, and watching birds in her yard. She often reminded the important women in her life to "Stop Being A Puss " which usually translated to " You are stronger than you believe you are, don't forget it!" Edith Chloe is not easily forgotten by anyone, friends that hadn't seen her in decades would talk fondly of their past memories and fun times with her.  She inspired my love for keeping up my appearance with nice clothing, she thought you should always dress for an occassion, even if there was no occassion, and preached the importance of being well-kept as a woman. 

My favorite advice she ever gave me was,

"Always wear animal print undies and bras to the doctor so that the doctor and nurses will compliment you". 

Edith Chloe Self-Care Shop blends my grandmother's strength and respect for women with my love for self-help and self-improvement.

I was raised in a family that avoided emotions, we did a lot of "sweeping things under the rug" and as an adult that missing piece left me feeling really lost in the world, I didn't know why people saw me differently than I saw myself, I didn't know why I got so nervous when people questioned me, or I was so afraid of authority, I just didn't know who I was and I wasn't aware of it, I just felt immensley flawed.

Self-Help Books, Guided Journals, and all the personality tests and quizzes completely helped me discover who I am and who I was meant to be and made me feel like I belonged in this world and was somebody.

My desire with this self-care business is to provide you with access to the best available self help resources that have molded my views and changed my life tremendously and help you to feel like you know yourself and where you belong in this great big world.

At Edith Chloe Self Care Shop in store and online you will discover a growing variety of products that will help your mindset, mental health, provide growth alongside therapy, and teach you the benefits and beauty of journaling for mental wellness. Encouraging display pieces, fun and unique home decor, inspiring stickers, jewelry, fun notepads and planners, and other fun stationery are the first things I look for while shopping at a festival or boutique and I rarely find the thought-provoking, soul-moving prompts, and phrases that I desire to see and purchase.

Edith Chloe Self-Care Shop curates the best mental wellness products, and provides them all in one place. I strive to curate products from other small businesses and women owned businesses as much as possible. At Edith Chloe Self-Care Shop in Lafayette and online we have bright, fun, and happy floral products, home decor, and gift items and we like to carry that into the flowy bohemian clothing choices we provide too! Whether you make a purchase or not, my wish is that everyone leaves Edith Chloe Self-Care Shop in Lafayette with their soul feeling fed and nourished. 

Thank you for existing at the same time as me here in the universe. :) 

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Love & Light,

-Chelsea, Owner of Edith Chloe Self Care Shop 

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