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Unique Soap Bar Gift Handmade Contains A Gemstone!

Unique Soap Bar Gift Handmade Contains A Gemstone!

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With this unique soap bar gift item your recipient will be in for a fun surprise with a gemstone inside!

Purposefully handmade tumbled gemstone soap bars.

We hand pour mixes of mica for coloration and coordinate to the crystal in each bar for the perfectly balanced crystal infused soap.

A mystery tumbled gemstone is in each unique soap bar gift to bring feelings of calm, comfort and relaxation.

All of these soaps are unscented. Assorted colors per case pack. If you would like a custom order of soaps with particular stones please message us. 10 day lead time for custom orders. 💜 Handmade USA 💙 Cruelty Free ❤️ Sustainably Sourced Ingredients 3.2 oz

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