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Thought Work Card Deck For Meditation

Thought Work Card Deck For Meditation

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This Thought Work Card Deck For Meditation will definitely get you thinking differently

This Thought Work Card Deck For Meditation is a deck of cards to help you shift your thoughts and get you wheels turning. 

This deck of cards was created to supply you with insights and inspiration about the 3 Principles of how the mind works and our innate well-being. When you start to understand these principals your overthinking, stress and anxiety of the ego start to fall away and you will experience a shift in perspective that will reveal your true innate well-being that you have always had inside of you.

The 3 Principles understanding has been life changing and I am so excited to share my knowledge and insights with you through these cards.

This thought work card deck includes:

• Inspiration about Thought Cards

• Knowledge about the Three Principles

• 10 Blank Insight Cards

How to use your cards:

• Read through them and keep an open mind to allow a new perspective to sink in.

• Put the cards by your bathroom mirror, desk or another spot where you will see them often.

• Carry them with you for easy reference.

• Give them as a gift to a friend.

• Record your own personal insights.

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