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Shadow Work Prompt Cards

Shadow Work Prompt Cards

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Shadow Work Prompt Cards 

Shadow Work Prompt Cards is a mindfulness deck for exploring big dark hidden emotions that you may know as your shadow. 

This shadow work card deck is designed to support you in feeling more authentic and whole. Letting the shadow in is a shadow work resource about listening... instead of trying to overcome the parts of ourselves we deem unlovable, we welcome them so that we can transform the darkness into light.

Letting Your Shadow, shadow work prompt cards, contains 18 shadow work prompts, 18 mindfulness exercises, 9 insight cards, and 9 affirmation cards to help you explore your own inner shadow and begin to see how it influences your life and relationships. 

Use with your journaling or meditation practice as an additional resource. These cards go deep and ask really good questions to make you think and dig deep. Cards are illustrated in the whimsical style of People I've Loved Products. 


54 paper cards with prompts

2 paper instruction cards

2 paper resource cards

3.5 x 5 inches

Contained in a paper box & wrapped in plastic


"I am loveable even when I am not performing or achieving things"



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