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New Moon Intention Setting Journal

New Moon Intention Setting Journal

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New Moon Intention Setting Journal!

Unlock the secrets of moon magic and transform your life with this amazing New Moon Intention Setting Journal!

Dive into the mystical world of lunar energy and learn how to manifest your deepest desires through the power of intention-setting. Are you ready to create a truly magical existence?

With this insightful book, you'll discover how to harness the unique energies of each Moon phase in accordance with your own inner power and intuition. This practical journal is filled with valuable correspondences, rituals, affirmations, and card spreads for your oracle or tarot decks that will help you find clarity, release power, and increase your intuition. Can you already feel the exciting changes on the horizon?

As if that wasn't enough, our New Moon Intention Setting guide also includes herbal and gemstone correspondences for every Moon phase, making it easier than ever to enhance your practice and get in touch with nature's abundant gifts. Plus, included are pages for tracking your New Moon intentions all year long, allowing you to plan out your days and weeks with the knowledge of how zodiac signs impact the Moon's energy. Reach for the stars, beautiful soul – they're waiting for you to shine!

What are you waiting for? Empower yourself with Lunar Intentions today and start crafting the extraordinary life you've always desired! Happy manifesting, moon lovers! 🌙

Discover your power and tap into the magic of the Moon with Lunar Intentions.

All the details:

The back half of Lunar Intentions includes pages for a year’s worth of New Moon intention journal spaces, including four pages at the end of the book for a year review. The journal spaces do not include pre-written dates or zodiac signs, but have spaces for you to fill them out so you can start journaling at any point during the year.

This is a 6″ x 9″, 151-page book.

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