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Dragonfly Earrings

Dragonfly Earrings

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Celestial Dragonfly Earrings

Exhibit all the grace and enchanting charm when you flaunt these dragonfly earrings!

Expertly handcrafted in the USA from genuine maple wood. These dragonfly dangle earrings truly capture the essence of a free-spirited bohemian aesthetic!

The meticulous wood craftsmanship presents a sterling silver hook with a dragonfly framed by a circle- contributing to their riveting charm and warmth.

The Dragonfly carries a meaning of transformation and adaptability, mystically connecting you to the elemental spirits of nature.

The dragonfly hoop earrings embody a bohemian uniqueness that is both edgy and elegant. These boho dangle earrings draw inspiration from free-spirited fashion culture and embody Dragonfly symbolism.

These earrings are the perfect touch to your bohemian outfit on any occassion and by wearing them you carry the symbolic power of transformation and adaptability. 

Don't wait-only one pair available, they should be yours!

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