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Children's Book About Creativity- Dragon Dreams and Creates

Children's Book About Creativity- Dragon Dreams and Creates

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Children's Book About Creativity

Dragon Dreams and Creates: An Intro to Creativity

Do you want to teach your child about mental health, emotional wellness, and creativity?

Then this Slumberkins Book, Dragon Dreams And Creates

A children's book about creativity is just for you

This childrens book promotes: Creativity

When children are encouraged to access their creativity and explore their capacity to dream, the world opens up to them.

Dragon’s curious and imaginative spirit helps children build cognitive flexibility, develop problem-solving skills, and engage in imaginative play. In this interactive board book, Dragon inspires children to create, dream, and have fun.

With Reflect & Connect questions at the end, families can deepen their bond and help children feel confident in their creativity.

Use Cases:

  • mental health
  • mental wellness
  • emotional learning
  • bedtime story
  • kids stories
  • Board Book
  • Kids Book
  • Slumberkins

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