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Childrens Book About Being Lovable-An Intro to Self Esteem

Childrens Book About Being Lovable-An Intro to Self Esteem

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Childrens Book About Being Lovable

This childrens book about being lovable is part of the Slumberkins Book Collection

Bigfoot, You Are Lovable: An Intro to Self Esteem

Book Theme: Self Esteem, Emotional Wellness, Positive Relationships As children grow, the world presents them with countless new experiences to navigate. Supporting children with encouraging affirmations serves as a loving reminder that they can meet these challenges with confidence.

Expressing unconditional love to children early and often has been shown to positively impact their emotional well-being. “Bigfoot You Are Lovable” offers positive messages for caregivers to support a foundation of self-esteem. By learning alongside Bigfoot, children are reminded that they are always surrounded by love.

Use Cases: bedtime story, kids stories, emotional learning, mental health

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