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Boho Flower Earrings

Boho Flower Earrings

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Boho Flower Earrings

Feel the bohemian vibes with these unique Boho Flower earrings. 

These earrings are expertly fashioned in the USA using walnut wood and sterling silver hooks. 

This pair of Boho Floral Earrings are a neutral statement piece and will go well with many boho outfits and can be worn when dressing up or in casual looks due to the subtle elegance of these unique hoop earrings.

A beautifully crafted wooden display and cardboard jewelry box is included in your purchase.

These wooden earrings strike a perfect balance between classic sophistication and Bohemian chic, offering a timeless appeal. Handcrafted to perfection, they serve as a testament to the wearer's unique sense of style and love for artistry. 

All the boho feels with these blossoming wooden dangle earrings. 

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