Collection: Self-Help Books

In our self-help books collection We curate a top- notch selection of self-help books on a variety of topics that are common for people to struggle with and need help with at some point in their life.

  • shadow work books
  • inner child healing books
  • trauma processing books
  • trauma processing journals
  • anxiety relief books and journals
  • stress relief books
  • setting boundaries books
  • processing break ups books
  • end of relationship encouragement books
  • grief healing books
  • grief healing card decks
  • grief healing journals
  • overcoming burnout books
  • spiritual awakening books
  • self-love books
  • worthiness books
  • thought catalog books
  • slumberkins books
  • Anxious thoughts books
  • Self help near me


    Self help for anxiety


    Self help skills

Wondering where to to buy self-help books in Lafayette? 

We're located in the heart of Lafayette at 1605 Kossuth Street Lafayette, Indiana just minutes from downtown, Purdue University, Loeb Stadium, and everything great offered in Greater Lafayette.

Our self-help books collection is constantly growing and evolving with you in mind.