Your Ultimate Shopping Destination in Lafayette, Indiana | Boutique & Gift Shop Galore!

Hey there, fellow fashionista and gift guru! Looking to spice up your wardrobe or find that perfect present for your BFF's birthday? You've just stumbled upon Lafayette, Indiana's best-kept secret – our boutique and gift shop Edith Chloe Self Care Shop! 

Nestled near Columbian Park, Columbian Park Zoo, Tropicanoe Cove, Loeb Stadium, and all the local hotspots like Checkerboard Tavern, Fuel Coffee, Great Harvest,  and Krug Corner Pub, our boutique and gift store is your go-to haven for all things fabulous, bright, and bohemian. With the neighborhood's charming historic homes and neighborhood's nearby like Highland Park and Wallace Triangle, you'll be soaking up Lafayette's charm with every step. 

Picture this: you, strolling through our boutique, surrounded by racks of dreamy bohemian dresses, flowy skirts, crop tops, and uniquely patterned jumpsuits, shelves filled with chic accessories, and displays brimming with delightful gifts. It's like stepping into your own personal style sanctuary!

But wait, it gets even better! We're just a quick 5-minute trip from Downtown Lafayette Indiana and a mere 10 minutes from the halls and excitement of Purdue University. So whether you're a local trendsetter or a curious visitor, popping by for a shopping spree is an absolute breeze and something you don't want to miss!

And let's talk about the experience – because shopping with us is more than just checking off items on your list. It's about being greeted with warm smiles, finding the items you've always dreamed of finding in a boutique, and receiving personalized recommendations from our friendly team, and leaving feeling like you've uncovered hidden treasures and you're wanting to tell everyone about this place but maybe not because you like being the savvy one. ;) 

So why wait? Your fashion adventure awaits at Lafayette Indiana's premier boutique and gift shop. Swing by today and discover why we're the talk of the town among style mavens and gift enthusiasts alike. Trust us, you won't leave empty-handed – or without a smile! 

1605 Kossuth Street Lafayette, Indiana 47905

Parking is available along 16th Street or in the gravel parking lot behind the store. You may enter Edith Chloe Self Care Shop through the front or back door.

We're here Thursday & Friday 5:30-7PM and Saturday 12PM-3PM. Also available by appointment and any time you see the door open and Chloe the Pink Dinosaur out front! 

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