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Thought work is the process of observing and managing your brain and the thoughts that flow in and out of it, this process can be controlled and/or restructured with practice and commitment.

Our brains are constantly changing in response to what we do and the things we pay attention to. 

You are not your thoughts but you become what thoughts you allow in.

Thoughts are visitors, you do not have to invite them in nor let them stay. 

Thoughts are so powerful, once you have control over them, you can change so many things in yourself. 

It's all about perspective-you THINK something is the way it is and that is what manifests. We don't easily realize that thinking positive thoughts takes the same energy as thinking negative thoughts and your life will follow suit according to which area of thought you choose. 

Change your thoughts, change your life is 100% accurate

It's easier to change your thoughts than it is to change your circumstances but once you change your thoughts, the circumstances shift too. 

Once you think something, your brain starts gathering evidence to support that thought

One of the most productive and life-changing thoughts I have ever had, was shifting from "Why is this happening to me?" to "What can I learn from this?" 

My favorite thought-work resources:

Mastering Your Mean Girl- Melissa Ambrosini

Unf*ck Your Brain-Podcast by Kara Lowenthal



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