Self Care Sunday Ideas For A Summer Sunday

It's Sunday and you know you need to take some time for yourself but what can you do? What will actually be helpful and not turn into more work? Here are some ideas for you!

If you normally sleep in wake up early before anybody needs you, make your favorite drink, and spend time with a book, journal, or podcast. Don't do chores, don't get ready, don't pick anything up. Find a quiet spot without distractions and relax. 

If you normally wake up early...sleep in, nothing will fall apart without you, I promise.

You may wonder why I started so simply...It's shifting your day by changing one small thing! Believe it or not, doing just one thing differently can change your perspective for the day and generate new thoughts and ideas. 

Here are a few more ideas to try this Sunday:

  • Go buy a new comfy outfit for bed or for relaxing around the house.
  • Take a drive, just because, with no destination. I highly recommend stopping somewhere random, peaceful, and green along the way. 
  • Go to a craft store and pick a project to try out-jewelry making, clay modeling, cookie making, vinyl stickers, coloring, tracing, painting, making candles...etc something that you will enjoy. 
  • If you don't have "things" for self-care time, go buy a delicious candle, a journal, pretty pens, and a snack. 
  • Make stops at a few little free libraries in your area to find a new book to read, this is kind of like going on a treasure hunt and picking out an activity for yourself. :) 
  • If you really can't stand the relaxing part of self-care...How about cleaning out a closet that has needed organizing for a long time? This personally always makes me feel refreshed, productive, and successful. Please, if this will make you stressed, it does not count as self-care. The idea here is that cleaning out clutter provides future relaxation and can reduce anxious feelings of knowing it needs to get done. 

With Love, Light, And Joy, 

Chelsea, Owner of Edith Chloe Self Care Shop




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