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If you wonder why the shop has the name Edith Chloe and why here is the story of how we came to be.

Edith Chloe was my grandma, she passed away in February 2022, and I started this shop as a way to keep her memory alive. I had already been in the early stages of planning a boutique and a few days after she passed the whole plan came together with her being the matriarch over all of it. Fitting, as Edith loved to proudly proclaim her position as the family matriarch.

Edith loved family, bargain shopping, tending to her flowers, and watching birds in her yard. She often reminded the important women in her life to "Stop Being A Puss " which usually translated to " You are stronger than you believe you are, don't forget it!" Edith Chloe was not easily forgotten by anyone, friends that hadn't seen her in 20+ years would talk fondly of their past memories and fun with her.  She inspired my love for keeping up my appearance with nice clothing found on the clearance racks and preached the importance of keeping myself well kept as a woman. My favorite advice she ever gave me was, "Always wear animal print undergarments to the doctor so that the doctor and nurses will compliment you". 

Edith Chloe Self Care Shop blends my grandmother's strength and respect for women with my love for self-help and self-improvement. Encouraging posters, stickers, jewelry, and stationery are the first things I look for while shopping at a festival or boutique and I am seldom able to find the thought-provoking, soul-moving prompts, and phrases that I desire to see. My boutique curates the best of those products, mostly from other small women-owned businesses, and provides them all in one place. I hope for this to be a one-stop shop for your self-care, self-love, and self-improvement needs. Whether you make a purchase or not, I hope that everyone leaves Edith Chloe Self-Care Shop with their soul feeling fed and nourished. 

Thank you for existing at the same time as me here in the universe. :) 

Love & Light,

-Chelsea, Owner of Edith Chloe Self Care Shop 

Edith : 

Edith Chloe  

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