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Dream Life Workbook- Guided Journal For Achieveing Goals & Your Dream Life

Dream Life Workbook- Guided Journal For Achieveing Goals & Your Dream Life

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Dream-Life workbook guided journal will assist in directing you to your goals, uncovering your aspirations, rediscovering your purpose, setting intrepid aspirations & goals, organizing for your life-altering year ahead, and experiencing your ideal life! Inside you'll find 5 segments that will help devise a plan for your remarkable year

1. Revisit the prior year:

Recollect all that happened in the past year Gain knowledge from the good and the bad Reorient your attention

2. Handling your dreams:

Record your 10 dreams Confirm if these are your true dreams Fight your fears Conquer your inhibiting convictions Detail your action steps

3. Setting Goals:
Set goals for all the sections of your life: wellbeing, relationships, personal growth, career, money, etc.

Self care:
Decide on what you will start doing for yourself this year
As well as the things you will stop/ do less of this year
Write out your daily, weekly and monthly self-care routines
Make lists of learning, reading, weekend activities, etc. for the next 12 months.
Take action:
Year overview
Monthly goal planning + action steps
Weekly planning
Monthly goal reflections
Monthly time management reflections
Check in on how you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually
Project planning pages
And of course, some journaling pages for free writing

Faux Leather Hardcover (Vegan)
Sewn binding
2 bookmark ribbons
Gold cut
100 gsm FCS certified paper
A5 size: 21 x 14.8 cm or 8.3 x 5.8 ''

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