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Boho Floral Walnut Earrings

Boho Floral Walnut Earrings

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Boho Floral Walnut Earrings

Experience an amalgamation of well-being and joy with these unique and simple Boho Floral Walnut earrings. Expertly fashioned using the finest quality materials, each earring exhibits an exquisite blend of premium maple wood and gleaming sterling silver.

This pair of Boho Floral Walnut Earrings symbolizes our unwavering commitment to both elegance and quality.

Included with your purchase is a beautifully crafted wooden display, further enhancing the authenticity and rustic charm of these unique pieces. These wooden earrings strike a perfect balance between classic sophistication and Bohemian chic, ultimately offering a timeless appeal. Handcrafted to perfection, they serve as a testament to the wearer's unique sense of style and love for artistry. 

All the boho feels with these blossoming brunette dangles. walnut + sterling silver + wood display included

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