Gift Ideas For Supporting A Friend Going Through Divorce | Divorce Gift Ideas | Divorce Gifts

Do you know someone currently going through a divorce or facing a divorce and you would like to support them with an encouraging, uplifting, and thoughtful gift?

We are all about encouragement and making people feel good here at Edith Chloe Self Care! Here are some ideas for gifts you could share with a friend that needs uplifting, encouragement, and reminders that they are awesome and will eventually be ok. 

The just breathe ring is a perfect reminder that a person can wear and look at several times throughout the day for a calm reminder that sometimes all you can do is breathe and it somehow makes things better.

The "You Are Positively Awesome" guided journal is filled with self-care reminders for all of life's ups and downs. Find affirmations like, "I am strong, capable, and resilient and have weathered every storm that has come my way." "I know my worth and recognize my value." Also includes thought reframing exercises where one can practice turning reoccurring negative thoughts into something more positive over time. I recommend this guide for someone that is new to self-care and wants to learn some simple practices and affirmations before diving into deeper self-knowledge and exploration.


This card is a beautiful statement, it has a happy vibe and is sure to amuse the receiver. It works double duty as it also makes a great piece to keep on a desk for a reminder or to put in a frame and as a decorative piece. The inside of the card is blank for you to write your own message or why not place an affirming sticker inside for a double whammy feel-good affirmation!

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